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Getting to The Core

Let's get our girls to the baseline so they can start blazing their trails

The Challenge

  • Due to generational trauma and unhealthy learned behaviors, young black girls are increasingly seen as a misunderstood challenge. Our community has been at a loss as to how to best serve these girls and stop this cycle that impacts their overall well-being and society as a whole.

  • It's difficult for these girls to see things differently when their only reference is the environment they live in. 


  • Science is just beginning to understand that trauma lives within our DNA and is passed on throughout generations. Black girls may use coping mechanisms and engage in behaviors in order to survive that are rooted in experiences they themselves may not fully understand, and to those looking in from the outside do not even know need to be addressed.


  • Due to this, these vulnerable black and brown girls need unique solutions and support that not only relate to prevention of poverty, homelessness, human trafficking and incarceration, but also addresses their generational trauma.

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